Web Analytics

 Web Analytics

How would you like to know how effective each of your marketing initiatives is in contributing to the bottom line, the purchase of your products/services? Do you want to gain insight and understanding about your customers & streamline the process?

Web Analytics can help you achieve this.

Web analytics programs track your visitor’s conversion path from click through all the way through to conversion. This knowledge will help us identify problem areas & optimize opportunities that will ensure you are achieving the highest ROI possible for your budget.

Need help translating these results to laymans terms? See how we've helped our clients improve their website performance by diving into their data.

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Web Analytics is critical to improving the measurable results of any website promotion program. You may be asking yourself how this differs from Campaign Reporting. Campaign Reporting supplies all the information as to how visitors arrived at your site. However once they arrive at your site. Campaigns are not able to track the path further without an onsite analytics program such as Google Analytics, Web Trendsor Adobe Analytics.

If you are not currently using any analytics on your website, we strongly recommend you sign up for a web analytics program to start tracking today.

Metrik Marketing will work with you to determine what KPIs will be of most value for your business and provide progress interim reports catering to your needs. We will work with your development team in order to ensure your KPI's are being tracked. Our Web Analytics reports include in depth analysis & actionable recommendations on how to improve both your campaign & website conversion results.

Kita is a diligent, hard working and very trustworthy employee. I had the pleasure of working with her at Rare Method, where she had a senior role in running a part of the media department. Her work was high quality and detail orientated. Kita's personality was a huge asset around the office. She is highly missed.

- Greg Fleury CTO at REFINECO, Inc., Greg worked with Kita indirectly at Rare Method

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