Internet Search Marketing

 Internet Search Marketing

Do you want to reach your customers at the precise moment they’re searching for your product or services?

Paid Search marketing (or CPC advertising) enables you to reach them at that exact moment by triggering your ad when they type phrases related to your products or services.

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Ads appear as Sponsored Links that show up at the top & right hand side of Search Engines.

Google Paid Search Results

According to Double Click, Search Engines are the top online method used by consumers to research a product for purchase; further more a new study by Engine Ready found Paid search ads are 50% more likely to buy than those who come from clicking on a natural search link.

How much of an influence do search engines have over online purchases? When online users were asked how they found the web sites they purchased from, a survey fromDouble Clickrevealed the following results:


Not only is paid search effective at attracting converting traffic, it is also great platform for learning about your customers through raw, publically available data, and inexpensive testing opportunities. You can cost effectively test multiple variables such as keywords, text ads, landing pages, button colors convert and more in order to hone in on what convert best.

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We are experienced in setting up & managing paid search campaigns on many different platforms including but not exclusively to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing, MicrosoftAd Center(Yahoo & Bing), Linkedin Ads, Ask, Miva, Looksmart, Search123, 7Search, Pulse360 & more. Engines selected are based on your advertising requirements & budgets.

Accountability is a core principle of Google AdWords. Therefore Google has made changes to help improve advertisers' experience. Please view Working with Third-Parties for more information about this policy.

Kita managed online campaign reporting and analytics for our largest client, and specialized in paid search implementation and optimization. Her work over various campaigns and projects was a cornerstone and directly contributed to the growth of the account, as well as the overall trust our client had in our package of online service offerings.

- Curt Heitmann Senior Account Manager, Rare Method worked with Kita at Rare Method