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  • “Kita is exceptionally professional, innovative that I have had the pleasure of working with at Rare Method. As a web designer, I worked closely with Kita on numerous projects and campaigns. Her incredible web analytic skills resulted in a higher level of traffic to the campaign site and provided me strategic direction on web design that lead the campaign achieves success. She comes up with great ideas and is always willing to lend her insight on SEO and web marketing whenever it's needed. Great all-around team player!” January 6, 2009

    Chasook Chun
    Art Director, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita Ferrer is an outstanding analyst. Without fail she brings a shrewd eye and outstanding talent to any online marketing project. Well versed in web analytics and optimization, media buying, cost-per-click marketing, and search engine optimization, Kita can really bring it. In the projects we worked on together, she was instrumental, if not critical, to their success. Kita is a tireless behind-the-scenes orchestrator - always asking questions, keeping tasks on the rails, managing, monitoring, and generally rocking.” January 3, 2009

    Drew Gillson
    Independent Professional, Drew Gillson
    was with another company when working with Kita at Metrik Marketing

  • "I had the pleasure of working with Kita on several large campaigns for Travel Alberta, first while she was a key contributor of our media team, and several years later as an independent contractor. Kita has a strong analytical skill set, and over the time I have known her she has built sturdy relationships with key vendors. The fact that we sought out her expertise, insight and contributions after she had left Rare Method speaks volumes to the value she brings to the table. Her solid work ethic is punctuated by continuous improvement and optimization, coupled with a seasoning of extra effort. Pie charts expand and bar graphs rise when Kita is at the helm!" March 12, 2010

    Curt Heitmann
    Senior Account Manager, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Metrik Marketing

  • “Kita is a very talented online marketing specialist. Kita helped Rare Method establish our online marketing department, handling Google adword campaigns and other SEO and SEM tactics. Her greatest strength was her research, analysis and reporting capabilities. I would recommend Kita highly for any SEO or SEM marketing initiate or team.” December 28, 2008

    Tom Short
    President, Rare Method
    managed Kita indirectly at Rare Method

  • “Kita has a great passion for online advertising and analytics. Her greatest strength is that she is a creative analyst. She goes beyond the numbers and can advise on how these impact your business or project. Kita was always a valuable asset to me and my clients as she is on top of new trends, can implement these strategies, and her understanding of web analytics is top notch.” January 22, 2009

    Barb Noad
    Senior Account Manager, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “I only had the pleasure of working with Kita for a short time at Rare Method but even before I would with her I had heard of her skills in online analytics and reporting. Kita has solid understanding in this area of interactive marketing that few people truly hold. I would recommend Kita as a colleague or contractor for anyone looking to better understand and leverage online marketing.” January 26, 2009

    Chris Dykstra
    Strategy / Client Services Executive, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita is a selfless and tireless employee who always pushes herself to maintain a standard of excellent and flawless execution. She continuously puts herself in the flow of things being as comfortable with new projects as she is jumping into existing ones. A dedicated worker and an absolute delight to work with, Kita is a ball of sunshine and productivity at any workplace.” April 30, 2009

    Nano Hawa
    National Events Manager, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “I worked with Kita at Rare Method, where she developed and executed paid marketing strategies for a variety of clients. She is exceptionally easy to work with, and has a knack for breaking down complex issues (or recommendations) into easy-to-digest pieces for both the client and the account team. Even more importantly, her initiatives were effective. Her attention to detail and follow-up helped us to keep tweaking and honing online initiatives to get the most for our clients.” February 27, 2009

    January Kohli
    Strategy / Client Services, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “I have had the pleasure of knowing Kita since we were in grade school. Her ability to work with people in a variety of situations and her helpful and caring demeanor have only grown stronger over the last 17 or so years I have known her. I have hired Kita in the past as a valuable member of my team who was always over delivering on our customer’s expectations. Kita has developed a wealth of knowledge in the online space and I would highly recommend her consulting services for developing and strengthening any online initiative your company would be involved with.” January 4, 2009

    Kent Speakman
    V.P. Accounts & Strategy, Suitcase Interactive
    was with another company when working with Kita at Online Media Consultant

  • “Kita is a real expert in Paid Search and Web Analytics. People who work with her quickly recognize her talents in the industry, and as a person.” December 23, 2008

    Andrew Forin
    Online Media Planner, Rare Method
    worked indirectly for Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita is a very capable analyst with an excellent grasp of how to interpret the results of website or campaign tracking data. Her determined approach to taking on new and challenging assignments is highly valuable. I would not hesitate to recommend her.” December 23, 2008

    John Watson
    VP Strategy, Rare Method
    managed Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita is an excellent marketing analyst and is very professional, punctual and dedicated in her work. Her friendly personality and positive attitude makes her a joy to work with.” December 24, 2008

    Macdonald Robinson
    Web / Application Developer ( PHP and .NET ), Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “I have had the pleasure seeing Kita Eserve in action. She is extremely professional, innovative and truly loves the work she does. This love clearly is represented in the product she delivers. Kita innovation is what seperates her from the rest she is always on the look out for new ideas to improve her clients business. I would definitely work with Kita again.” December 23, 2008

    Mary Mah
    Treasury Accountant, Nexen Petroleum
    was with another company when working with Kita

  • “Kita is one of the few who really "get" online marketing. Her incredible web analytics skills, knowledge of SEO & SEM and incredible comprehension of PPC advertising make her a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she understand the little pieces of online marketing AND the overall picture, but she is a fun and passionate person to work with. If you have the opportunity to work with Kita on a project, I highly recommend you do!” June 12, 2008

    Tanya Wigmore
    Search Engine Specialist (SEO & SEM), Rare Method
    worked directly with Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita has always shown the highest level of quality and professionalism at her position as a Search Engine Marketing professional as well as her positions in Web Analytics & Reporting. Her growth in all three areas in the last year has been nothing short of amazing. I have total trust in Kita in her abilities to do work not only precise ... but on time and on budget.” February 10, 2007

    Hugh Burnham
    Hugh Burnham, Senior Media Strategist - Rare Method Interactive Studios, Raremethod.com
    managed Kita at Rare Method

  • "Ever meet someone who can do complex math in their head but still apply a sensible and anecdotal recommendation on that information? If you haven't you've never met Kita. If you need to understand and improve your presence online, then you should probably start by talking to her." January 8, 2009

    Scott King
    Project Manager, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Online Media Consultant

  • “Kita managed online campaign reporting and analytics for our largest client, and specialized in paid search implementation and optimization. Her work over various campaigns and projects was a cornerstone and directly contributed to the growth of the account, as well as the overall trust our client had in our package of online service offerings.” December 23, 2008

    Curt Heitmann
    Senior Account Manager, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita is a diligent, hard working and very trustworthy employee. I had the pleasure of working with her at Rare Method, where she had a senior role in running a part of the media department. Her work was high quality and detail orientated. Kita's personality was a huge asset around the office. She is highly missed.” January 27, 2009

    Greg Fleury
    Director, Technology, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita is extremely pleasant to work with and with her expertise you can be assured she always have a strategy and solution for clients. She is very detailed and has a high work ethic making her an asset to any team she works with.” January 10, 2009

    Dawn Bayers
    Senior Account & Project Manager / Strategy Client Services, Rare Method

  • “Kita is one of the most talented professionals I have ever worked with. She is extremly focused and capable of adapting in numerous different roles. Her work ethic and capable to understand and optimize projects for clients make her a tremendous asset.” February 9, 2007

    David Nagy
    Media Strategist/Project Manager, Rare Method
    worked directly with Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita is a very hard working, detail oriented individual. She works well with numbers and is able to pull insights and provide strategic advice from the reports she generates. Kita is a great team player as well as a strong leader and teacher. She is punctual and conscientious. Kita is keen on learning new things and is always up for a new challenge.” February 12, 2007

    Nadia Walji
    Account Coordinator, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method

  • “Kita is an amazing analyst. She builds the most beautiful reports that are easy to understand and pleasing to the eye. I have recently had the opportunity to dabble in web statistics reporting myself and my appreciation for Kita's work has gone up exponentially. Beside's being great at her job, Kita has such a great personality. She is very caring and supportive and I consider her to be one of my closest friends.” January 21, 2010

    Fraser Crosbie
    Sr. Flash Developer, Rare Method
    worked with Kita at Rare Method